Goodyear Welted Monk Strap Shoes for Men

Monk Strap Shoes are unique laceless dress shoes that sport one or two straps on the top to secure the wearer’s feet. These are quite similar to the derby shoes, which bless them with a formal and traditional look... However, the straps and buckles on the top make sure that they stand out from any other basic formal pair. It is said that shoes similar to these were worn by the European monks. They wore these to keep their feet safe during long journeys and voyages. This fact has also been the source of the naming of these shoes. Formal or Informal? Handmade Monk Strap Shoes for Men? Goodyear welted Online fashion market has a wide range of options available for you. Monk Strap Shoes fall under both casual and formal footwear categories. Therefore, you can pair these on all types of occasions, from family get together to a corporate dinner. Moreover, these will look amazing with official looks and outfits. The top strap will add chic and sleek features to the look. Pairing Monk Strap Dress Shoes When paired right, the Monk Strap Shoes give out a classy and sophisticated look. Here are a few ideas, try them out yourself: Style Boss: Pick your best Blue 3-piece Suit and pair these with Brown double-strap Monk Shoes. Mix & Match: Wear a Plain button-up with a Blazer coat, add Khaki Skinny Trousers, and add single-strap Monk Shoes. Casual King: Take a Grey Sweatshirt, wear it with Navy Blue Chinos, and pair these with the Monk Shoes.